This Is Why You Want To Have Area Rugs Professionally Cleaned


Cleaning an area rug is just as important as cleaning your carpets and hard floors. Vacuuming the rugs every week is a great start, but dirt can still work its way down toward the bottom of the fibers. Actually cleaning the rug, as in washing it with a detergent and water, can give you satisfying results if you clean the rug properly. However, unless you have a lot of room and time, it's better to have someone clean those area rugs professionally, for a few reasons.

Fringes and Edges

Cleaning the fringes and edges of the rug — not just vacuuming the tops of those edges, but getting to the side surface as well — can be difficult on your own. The fringes can tangle up, and you could damage the rug if you tried running your cleaning tool over the side without being careful not to create folds in the fabric. Professional cleaners can keep the fringe straight, especially if they're using water, soap, and a special squeegee to scrub the dirt out. Further, if you hire a company that steam-cleans the rug, they will be able to clean the fringe without damaging it. And the tools and cleaners the company will use will reach into and clean the sides of the rug as well.

The Border Area Under the Rug and the Rug Pad

You've likely seen old cartoons showing someone sweeping dirt under the rug. Even if you haven't done that, dust can collect under the edges of the rug, making the underside dirty. Even the pad, fully under the rug, can use a good cleaning now and then. However, cleaning the top of the rug and then making sure the border area on the underside of the rug, along with the pad, is also clean will take you a long time. Let professionals clean that so you can do other things during that time. It may not sound that hard to do, but cleaning a rug thoroughly will substantially save you time.

Drying the Rug Somehow

People think cleaning a rug just means renting a steam cleaner or spraying some sort of cleaning solution on the rug. A thorough clean gets the rug completely wet, which means the rug needs to dry. Companies that clean area rugs have setups at their facility that allow air to circulate all around the rug. And if they clean your area rug at your home, they can advise you on the best way to hang or support the rug so that it dries fully. Note that even if they steam-clean the rug, it will need drying time before you can place anything on it or walk on it.

Cleaning an area rug is a job that should be done professionally when you need a deep clean. Vacuum and spot clean the rug yourself all you want but call a rug cleaning company otherwise. To learn more, contact a company like Rug District.


4 October 2021

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