About Professional Residential Carpet Cleaning


Carpets are a popular type of flooring for a lot of different reasons. It offers you a soft walking surface, it provides the home with more insulation, it can help you to achieve a more specific look for your home, and it offers a lot of other great benefits. However, carpet does need to be properly maintained if you expect it to maintain its great look for a long time. One of the things that you need to do is to know when you should be having the carpet professionally cleaned. This is something you will be able to learn by reading this article. 

Carpeting should be professionally cleaned annually

You should be having your carpet cleaned once every year to year and a half. A lot of things come into play when it comes to whether you want to make sure you have it cleaned right at the one year mark or deciding you can go longer. Some things that can cause the carpet to need cleaning sooner include the following: 

  • Having pets in the home

  • Having children in the home

  • Having many household members in the home

  • Having a lifestyle that has household members home all the time

  • Having household members that are hard on the flooring

  • Having smokers living in the house and smoking inside

The carpet may need to be professionally cleaned ahead of time

There are some instances when your carpet will need professional cleaning between its expected annual cleanings. There can be things that happen to the carpet that you won't want to wait to have cleaned. 

One example of something that would leave your carpet needing immediate professional attention is if there had been a flood in the home. The first thing that would need to be done is to have the water dried immediately with the rest of the house. However, after the initial emergency has been dealt with, you need to have the carpet professionally cleaned to remove any and all of the dirt, germs, and other things that have been left behind in the carpeting from the flood. 

Another time you want to have the carpet cleaned right away would be if your pet was sick and left messes all over the carpet. The cleaning crew will get rid of the germs, the stains, and the odors so you won't be able to tell that the pet had been sick all over the carpet.

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20 October 2020

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