Do You Have A Large Household? 3 Benefits Of Planning For Seasonal Carpet Floor Cleaning


Carpet in your house adds to the decor, and there's nothing like this type of flooring to protect your feet from the cold when you climb out of bed. While carpet has some serious advantages, it can also be a magnet for dust, pet hair, and other contaminants that ruin its look and feel. People often wonder how often they should arrange for professional carpet floor cleaning, and some houses may only need the service once a year. Larger households tend to generate more traffic, which is why you'll want to think about the benefits of arranging for the carpet to be cleaned on a seasonal basis.

Tackle Springtime Allergies

For some people, an uptick in sneezing is a better predictor of spring's arrival than a groundhog seeing its shadow. All of those beautiful flowers create a lot of pollen. Plus, you might be allowing more allergens into your house if you've thrown open the windows to enjoy those fresh spring breezes. Even when your windows are shut, those spring showers can bring more mold spores into the air. Since allergens tend to settle, the carpet is often the last stop for any that find their way into your house. Professional carpet cleaners are able to reach deep into the fibers to help pull allergens out.

Pull Up Tracked In Mud and Dirt

Just about every season seems to have some type of activity that generates a lot of dust and mud. Winter precipitation has a way of sticking around until it creates mud as it melts. Spring and fall rain showers have the same effect, and having kids in the house means that there's a good chance they'll track in water and dirt after playing in the swimming pool or sprinklers. Over time, dirt works its way into the carpet fibers where it can start to damage the tufts. Carpet cleaning helps to get the dirt out, which preserves the life of the carpet. Doing this seasonally helps to prevent more damage compared to letting the dirt build up over a whole year.

Enjoy Stress-Free Holiday Entertaining

The winter holidays tend to bring new worries about the carpet. All of that baking, eating, and gathering can add up to some serious dirt and grime. Arranging for seasonal cleaning gives you peace of mind that a spilled drink won't turn into a major catastrophe. Having the cleaners come out in the fall means your house will be ready for holiday entertaining. Then, you'll be able to relax knowing that they'll be back in a few months to clean up all of those holiday messes.


1 February 2023

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